Tokyo is the vending machine capital of the world

Answers for Globle, Chronogram, and Metazooa from Feb 26 - Mar 3

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Tokyo is the vending machine capital of the world

There are vending machines in Tokyo with just about anything, but are they any vending machines with everything? Image generated by DALL-E.

You are never out of luck to find what you need in one of the world’s largest cities, where centuries old traditions merge with contemporary design and technology. From its incredibly crowded streets and densely inhabited residential buildings to its modest and quaint sushi bars and tea rooms, you can find almost anything your heart desires. And—you can find it in a vending machine!

That’s right. You can’t walk 10 meters without passing a vending machine in Tokyo, Japan (last Tuesday’s Globle: Capitals answer). And sometimes, those 10 meters may be packed full of machines selling almost everything you can imagine. Are you hungry? No problem! There are machines which will whip up a complete dinner for you in seconds. Or maybe you are just looking for a quick snack to take on the go. Sushi, cakes, biscuits, ramen, onigiri, bread, and even ice cream in a can are all options. Maybe you are in the mood for a burger. While you wait, you can enjoy a popular drink, or even a more adult alcoholic beverage. Smokers will be glad to know that cigarettes are also available.

And if it starts to rain, don’t worry—you can pick up an umbrella from a vending machine on just about any corner. With so many people on the go in this amazing city, it is no wonder that vending machines have become such an integral part of daily routine. These machines also provide more traditional items, like fermented soy, cream, and different types of fruit.

In Tokyo, life moves fast, and while you are on the go, you can pick up whatever you need along the way. To keep things exciting, there are also mystery machines, which sell mystery items wrapped in plain paper! No matter the occasion, chances are, Tokyo has a vending machine just for you!

Answers to last week's games

Monday, February 26 to Sunday, March 3.


  • Feb 26 Romania

  • Feb 27 Dominica

  • Feb 28 Bahrain

  • Feb 29 United Arab Emirates

  • Mar 1 Algeria

  • Mar 2 Uruguay

  • Mar 3 Guyana

  • Mar 4 Play now!

Globle: Capitals

  • Feb 26 Seoul

  • Feb 27 Tokyo

  • Feb 28 Ulaanbaatar

  • Feb 29 Niamey

  • Mar 1 Antananarivo

  • Mar 2 Vaduz

  • Mar 3 Conakry

  • Mar 4 Play now!


  • #331 Richard Wagner

  • #332 Che Guevara

  • #333 Auguste Rodin

  • #334 Guy Fawkes

  • #335 Marilyn Monroe

  • #336 Lorenzo de' Medici

  • #337 Coco Chanel

  • #338 Play now!


  • #99 George Bailey

  • #100 Celie

  • #101 Freddy Krueger

  • #102 Winnie the Pooh

  • #103 Harry Callahan

  • #104 Lily Bart

  • #105 Ellen Ripley

  • #106 Play now!


  • #210 Hippopotamus

  • #211 Red panda

  • #212 Silkworm

  • #213 Anteater

  • #214 Nautilus

  • #215 Crocodile

  • #216 Hyena

  • #217 Play now!


  • #149 Lychee

  • #150 Artichoke

  • #151 Garlic

  • #152 Cotton

  • #153 Mace

  • #154 Chicory

  • #155 Pineapple

  • #156 Play now!


"The Artist’s Brother" by Christen Købke

Forgery of week, from Feb 27
97.3% accurate

Købke, C. (1838). Valdemar Hjartvar Købke (1813–1893), the Artist's Brother. [Oil on canvas]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Play Forgeous for March 4.


The following are the shortest paths with the strongest links from last week:

  • #14 teenager -> employee -> factory -> manufacturing

  • #15 exact -> accuracy -> consistency -> repetition -> poetry -> poet

  • #16 hear -> sound -> music -> sheet music -> sheet

  • #17 sorry -> apology -> acknowledgement -> communicate -> improvement -> progress

  • #18 map -> globe -> earth -> pollution -> deterioration -> diminish -> decrease

  • #19 literally -> logically -> logic -> mathematics -> division -> divide

  • #20 electric -> power -> knowledge -> understanding -> meaning -> definition

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