TIL: Tallinn is a Tech Powerhouse

Answers for Globle, Chronogram, and Metazooa from Nov 6 - Nov 12

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TIL: Tallinn is a Tech Powerhouse

A futuristic cityscape of Tallinn, Estonia, showcasing its transformation into a tech powerhouse. Image generated by DALL-E.

In recent years, Tallinn (the capital of Estonia and the answer to Globle: Capitals on Nov 9), has transformed into a significant tech hub and is home to successful startups like Skype, Wise, and Bolt. The country's digital journey began over three decades ago, focusing on a digital-first strategy after gaining independence in 1991. Estonia's small size has been advantageous, allowing for quick implementation of tech innovations and a streamlined process for startups. The e-Estonia initiative has introduced several digital government services since 2000, including automated childcare benefits and remote notary services. The education system also strongly supports this tech ecosystem, offering high-quality IT and engineering programs. Estonia's approach to embracing technology and continuous learning from past challenges has been key to its success in the tech sector.

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Olszowska, L. (2023, September 12). E-stonia: How the Baltic minnow became a tech powerhouse. The Stack. Retrieved fromhttps://www.thestack.technology/estonia-technology-hub-digital/ 

Answers to last week's games

Monday, November 6 to Sunday, November 12.


  • Nov 6 Liberia

  • Nov 7 Australia

  • Nov 8 Grenada

  • Nov 9 Türkiye

  • Nov 10 Guinea-Bissau

  • Nov 11 Portugal

  • Nov 12 Sierra Leone

  • Nov 13 Play now!

Globle: Capitals

  • Nov 6 Baghdad

  • Nov 7 Naypyidaw

  • Nov 8 Guatemala City

  • Nov 9 Tallinn

  • Nov 10 Port of Spain

  • Nov 11 Vaduz

  • Nov 12 Dili

  • Nov 13 Play now!


  • Nov 6 (#219) Michael Faraday

  • Nov 7 (#220) Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Nov 8 (#221) Franz Joseph

  • Nov 9 (#222) W. E. B. Du Bois

  • Nov 10 (#223) John Steinbeck

  • Nov 11 (#224) Joan of Arc

  • Nov 12 (#225) Ada Lovelace

  • Nov 13 Play now!


  • Nov 6 (#98) Pillbug

  • Nov 7 (#99) Weasel

  • Nov 8 (#100) Kestrel

  • Nov 9 (#101) Gerbil

  • Nov 10 (#102) Zebra

  • Nov 11 (#103) Earthworm

  • Nov 12 (#104) Mussel

  • Nov 13 Play now!


  • Nov 6 (#37) Peanut

  • Nov 7 (#38) Black pepper

  • Nov 8 (#39) Rubber

  • Nov 9 (#40) Horseradish

  • Nov 10 (#41) Coconut

  • Nov 11 (#42) Watercress

  • Nov 12 (#43) Poison ivy

  • Nov 13 Play now!


"Saint Francis in Ecstasy" by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione

Forgery of week, from Nov 6
90.6% Accurate

Play Forgeous for Nov 13.

Castiglione, G. B. (ca. 1650).Saint Francis in Ecstasy. [Oil on canvas]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/647338 

Game Updates

As of this past week, you can now sign into your Trainwreck Labs account on Globle: Capitals using Discord. The same feature will be available on the original Globle game by the end of this week. Another priority for next week: Chronogram for fictional characters! If you have an idea for a name for this game, let us know in the Discord server, because I’m struggling think of one.

Player Showcase

Neognathae got you down? Players on the Discord server showed us their creativity this week with some new custom emojis for Bird Hell. Don’t know what Bird Hell is? Clearly you haven’t played enough Metazooa!


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