George V went to war with his cousins

Answers for Globle, Chronogram, and Metazooa from Jan 1 - Jan 7

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George V went to war with his cousins

Queen Victoria looks on as her grandchildren fight in one of their earlier, less bloody wars. Image generated by DALL-E.

Queen Victoria, often referred to as the "Grandmother of Europe," had a profound and somewhat tragic influence on the early 20th-century European political landscape through her grandchildren. George V of the United Kingdom, Nicholas II of Russia, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were all her grandsons, bound together by familial ties but driven apart by the complex dynamics of international politics. Despite their shared lineage, these three monarchs found themselves on opposing sides during World War I, a conflict that marked a significant turning point in world history. This war, often described as a family feud on an immense scale, highlighted the intricate and often conflicting relationship between royal familial bonds and national allegiances. Their involvement in the war serves as a poignant reminder of how personal relationships can be overshadowed by the larger forces of nationalism and geopolitical strife.

Answers to last week's games

Monday, January 1 to Sunday, January 7.


  • Jan 1 Colombia

  • Jan 2 Moldova

  • Jan 3 Belize

  • Jan 4 Tunisia

  • Jan 5 Cyprus

  • Jan 6 Norway

  • Jan 7 Tanzania

  • Jan 8 Play now!

Globle: Capitals

  • Jan 1 Luanda

  • Jan 2 Windhoek

  • Jan 3 Port Louis

  • Jan 4 Port Moresby

  • Jan 5 Reykjavik

  • Jan 6 Funafuti

  • Jan 7 Pyongyang

  • Jan 8 Play now!


  • #275 George V

  • #276 Nikola Tesla

  • #277 Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • #278 William Howard Taft

  • #279 Benjamin Franklin

  • #280 El Greco

  • #281 Peter the Great

  • #282 Play now!


  • #43 Peter Parker

  • #44 Lady Macbeth

  • #45 Marge Simpson

  • #46 Marge Gunderson

  • #47 Andy Capp

  • #48 Howard Roark

  • #49 King Lear

  • #50 Play now!


  • #154 Gila monster

  • #155 Skunk

  • #156 Cat

  • #157 Cockroach

  • #158 Salamander

  • #159 Gazelle

  • #160 Electric eel

  • #161 Play now!


  • #93 Spruce

  • #94 Sesame

  • #95 Artichoke

  • #96 Gorse

  • #97 Tulip

  • #98 Grape

  • #99 Wheat

  • #100 Play now!


"Peonies" by Édouard Manet

Forgery of week, from Jan 7
89.6% Accurate

Veronese, Paolo. Boy with a Greyhound. 1570, oil paint on canvas, 173.7 x 101.9 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Play Forgeous for Jan 8.

Game Update

Metazooa and Metaflora are still open for translations, but the first ones will be up on the site soon. You will be able to play in Spanish and French by the end of this week!

If you are interested in contributing, check out the instructions here: metazooa-translations

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